Friday April 26th 2024

09.45-10.00h Welcome and Introduction

  • 09.45-10.00h Nuclear Medicine meets Neuro-Oncology Nathalie L. Albert (Munich), Matthias Preusser (Vienna)

10.00-12.00h Theranostic treatments: current state and future prospects

Chairs: Christophe Deroose (Leuven), Anna Berghoff (Vienna)

  • Molecular targets for theranostic treatments of CNS tumors Jolanta Kunikowska (Warsaw), 15+15´

  • Radioligand therapies for gliomas: emerging trial landscape Michael Weller (Zurich), 15+15´

  • Radioligand therapies for meningioma: emerging trial landscape Nathalie L. Albert (Munich), 15+15´

  • Theranostics for CNS metastases: overlooked potential? Matthias Preusser (Vienna), 15+15´

12.00-13.00h NMN Lunch

13.00-14.30h Proffered papers: Hot Data and Burning Questions

Chairs: Roberta Rudà (Turin), Tatjana Traub-Weidinger (Vienna)

  • Hotspot: Clinical Trials
    • Abstract 35: Role of FET-PET-based re-irradiation in recurrent glioblastoma – results of a prospective randomized clinical trial – Anca Grosu (Freiburg), 7+3´
    • Abstracts 16, 22, 23: Rhenium (186Re) Obisbemeda (Rhenium-186 Nanoliposome, 186RNL) trial updates: ReSPECT-LM Phase 1, ReSPECT-GBM Phase 1/2, and ReSPECT-GBM Phase 2 – Andrew Brenner (San Antonio), 7+3´
    • Abstract 13: Multi-site, prospective trial evaluating FET-PET In Glioblastoma (FIG) Study (TROG 18.06): Central review of initial FET-PET biologic target volume delineation for radiation planning – Eng-Siew Koh (Sydney), 7+3´
    • Abstract 28: 11C-Methionin PET for radiotherapy treatment planning in patients with rapid early progression after glioblastoma surgery: prospective phase II trial – Tomas Kazda (Brno), 3+2´
    • Abstract 25: Feasibility and tolerability of [¹³¹I]I-PA monotherapy in progressive and recurrent high grade gliomas; a single institution case series – Nelleke Tolboom (Utrecht), 3+2´
  • Hotspot: PET Imaging
    • Abstract 17: Assessment of FET PET-based response in patients with gliomas using the PET RANO 1.0 criteria – Norbert Galldiks (Cologne), 3+2´
    • Abstract 20: Measurable disease for response assessment in IDH-wildtype glioblastoma- a comparison of MRI-based (RANO 2.0) versus PET-based (PET RANO 1.0) assessment – Katharina Müller (Munich), 3+2´
    • Abstract 30: Prognostic value of [18F]-FET-PET in diffuse low-grade glioma (Grade 2 WHO CNS 2021) – Michael Müther (Münster), 3+2´
    • Abstract 14: Evaluation of the Utility of PET Imaging Based on WHO Classification 5th edition for Brain Tumor Diagnosis – Keisuke Miyake (Kagawa), 3+2´
    • Abstract 12: Development of [18F]AG-120 as radiotracer for the detection by positron emission tomography (PET) of the mutant isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 in glioma – Magali Toussaint (Leipzig), 3+2´
    • Abstract 40: Translating immunoPET imaging of PD-L1 in glioblastoma: journey from the laboratory to clinical practice – Gabriela Kramer-Marek (Sutton), 3+2´
  • Hotspot: Theranostics
    • Abstract 9: Promising theranostic targets for high-grade pediatric central nervous system tumors – Sabine Plasschaert (Utrecht), 3+2
    • Abstract 18: Exploring theranostic potential: FAP expression in brain metastases and novel FAPi radiotracers with an alpha-ketoamide warhead – Petr Vymola (Prague), 3+2´
    • Abstract 39: Fibroblast activating protein (FAP) expression as potential theranostics target in high-grade meningioma – Maximilian Mair (Vienna), 3+2´
    • Abstract 29: Investigating the radiobiological response to PRRT using patient-derived meningioma spheroids – Eleke Bos (Rotterdam), 3+2´

14.30-15.00h NMN Coffee

15.00-17.00h Clinical trial conduct: challenges and opportunities

Chairs: Evanthia Galanis (Rochester), Emilie Le Rhun (Zurich)

  • Investigator perspective (Clinical Neuro-Oncologist) Martin van den Bent (Rotterdam), 15+15´

  • Investigator perspective (Nuclear Medicine Physician) Wim Oyen (Milan/Arnhem), 15+15´

  • Industry perspective Daniela Niepel (Novartis) 15+15´

  • Panel discussion, 30´

17.00-18.00h Posters viewing – Drinks and Science

From 19.00h Networking Evening at the City Hall of Vienna

Location: Wappensaalgruppe at the Vienna City Hall

Lichtenfelsgasse 2/Feststiege 2, 1010 Vienna

Public transport: Tramway 1/71/D/U2Z Station “Rathausplatz, Burgtheather”

Time: 19:00-23:00h, admission from 18.30h.

Please note that the number of participants for the networking event is limited and advance registration is mandatory for the event. Admission will only be granted with a valid ticket. Check ticket availability at the registration desk.

          The City of Vienna and the Mayor Dr. Michael Ludwig are hosting this evening.

Individual arrival.

Saturday April 27th 2024

09.00-10.00h: Meet the Editor Session – Ulrike Harjes (Nature Medicine)

Limited seats – only with pre-registration!

10.00-12.00h PET Imaging for Improved Patient Management

Chairs: Ingo Mellinghoff (New York), Karl Rössler (Vienna)

  • PET for neurosurgery: nice to have or must have? – Jörg-Christian Tonn (Munich), 15+15´

  • PET for radiotherapy of CNS tumors: where is the evidence? Giuseppe Minniti (Rome), 15+15´

  • PET for IDH inhibitor therapy: helpful for patient selection and monitoring? – Timothy Cloughesy (Los Angeles), 15+15´

  • What should be visualized? A clinician’s wish list – Norbert Galldiks (Cologne), 15+15´

12.00-13.00h NMN Lunch

13.00-14.30h PET Imaging: Future prospects

Chairs: Benjamin Ellingson (Los Angeles), Michael Lim (Stanford)

  • RANO 2.0 criteria for MRI-based response assessment of gliomas – Patrick Wen (Boston), 15´+15´
  • PET RANO criteria for response assessment of gliomas – Nathalie L. Albert (Munich), 15+15´
  • Do we need PET for CNS lymphomas? Marius Mayerhoefer (New York), 15+15´

14.30-15.00h NMN Coffee

15.00-17.00h Radiopharmacology: understanding the basics

Chairs: Erik Sulman (New York), Marcus Hacker (Vienna)

  • Tracer development for theranostics: how to construct a magic bullet Clemens Kratochwil (Heidelberg) , 15+15´

  • Optimizing radioligand therapy delivery to CNS tumors: role of the blood-brain/blood tumor barrier Nelleke Tolboom (Utrecht), 15+15´

  • Do we need dosimetry for optimization of theranostics in CNS tumors? Francesco Cicone (Catanzaro), 15+15´

  • Panel discussion, 30´

17.00h Conclusion and Farewell

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated.

All times refer to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

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To download the program, click here: