How to get to the Billrothhaus

Frankgasse 8, 1090 Vienna

Public transport: U2 station „Schottentor“, walk about 8 minutes

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Located in the heart of Vienna, the Billrothhaus stands out for its aesthetics, elegance and tradition. The charm of the historic rooms of the house combined with the most modern technical equipment, unique acoustics, and professional event support make it unique.

The Billrothhaus is in the 9th district of Vienna – named after Theodor Billroth, one of the most important surgeons of the 19 th century and former president of the College of Physicians in Vienna. The College of Physicians in Vienna is a medical history institution that promotes science, innovative knowledge transfer and the next generation of physicians across disciplinary boundaries. The association was founded in 1837 and is thus the oldest interdisciplinary medical society in Austria.

April 26, 2024 would be Theodor Billroth’s 195th birthday – the perfect opportunity to do science under „his“ roof!

The library in the Billrothhaus is one of the largest private book collections and most valuable specialist libraries in the world. It houses an immeasurable treasure of medical literature.

  • 500 historical books
  • 100,000 periodical volumes
  • 30,000 historical monographs
  • Separata collection with approx. 45,000 scientific articles
  • Access to approx. 3,000 e-journals
  • Access to medical databases